• “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

    Native American Proverb


Our ecosystem is more fragile than ever. It’s also something we want to help preserve in the most responsible way possible. By revealing nature’s solutions, we know how to show others how to create a negative carbon footprint. We believe the solutions to achieve this goal can be found in nature…and in some of the most unlikely places.

While most people think of coal as the largest source of fuel for the generation of electricity worldwide, Humaxx, in collaboration with nature, has proven that coal is the most abundant biomass of clean technology for generating economical clean energy, cleaning water and the environment, organic food production, recycling military and industrial waste into fertilizer, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing energy security.

Humaxx, and its research and development company Arctech, are working toward a renewable world by revealing nature’s solutions


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