• "We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive."

    Albert Einstein


Pollution Filter
Humasorb® Multi-Purpose Absorber has strong metal binding capabilities, adsorptive capabilities of organic substances, high cation exchange capacity, and chemical reducing properties of toxic chemicals to non-toxic forms. We developed and have used this novel and highly effective organic absorber for more than 20 years in the US, Middle East and Asia for removal of toxic metals and organic contaminants from the environment.

Organic-based Agriculture
Actosol® is an organic biostimulant activator derived from a specialized coal referred to as leonardite. Leonardite is identical to natural humus which is the building block of natural organic matter in the soil. Actosol® improves stress tolerance, water retention, enhances chelating of plant nutrients and stimulates root mass and plant growth. It is formulated with natural humic and fulvic substances,the active components of soil humus.

Weapons Demilitarization
Actodemil® is a breakthrough approach for the safe destruction of a variety of explosive chemicals. US environmental regulations mandate the phasing out of the current approach of open burning and open detonation. The United Nations prohibits ocean dumping of munitions. Stockpiled munitions are obsolete because they either are unusable or unstable. The US Army has a major demilitarization program to safely dispose of almost 600,000 tons of obsolete munitions.

Clean Fuels
is a hydrogen-rich clean methane gas (CH4) produced from coal by specially engineered microbes. Gas composition ranges from 60-80% methane and remaining carbon dioxide (CO2). Higher rank coals produce more methane enriched gas than lower rank coals. MicGAS can be utilized for heating, power generation, upgraded by removing carbon dioxide to natural gas generally 90%+ methane or converted in to liquid fuels such as diesel and jet fuels with commercially proven Fischer Tropsch conversion process.

Carbon Sequestration
Our MicGAS™ technology offers an effective pre-combustion carbon sequestering method for coal; thereby reducing CO2 by about 67% compared to today technology. Further processing the CO2 with Humasorb® can sequester the remaining carbon resulting in a neutral carbon footprint by retaining the humic substances in the soil. Learn how our process can generate a negative carbon footprint at a coal-fired power plant.


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