• “Clean coal technology is something that can make America energy independent. This is America. We figured out how to put a man on the moon in 10 years. You can’t tell me we can’t figure out how to burn coal that we find right here in the United States of America and make it work.”

    President Barack Obama

  Why not ?

Why not create an integrated green tech solution with coal-derived humic substances where humic acid is formulated into (1) a commercial organic bio-stimulant product called Actosol®, (2) an absorbent for cleaning and recycling toxic waste water called Humasorb and (3) and a hydrolysis reagent for Actodemil® technology for the safe recycling of obsolete munitions and municipal and industrial waste into fertilizer.

Why not cultivate biomass for carbon credits and convert fleets of buses to clean methane biogas from local waste to replace petroleum fuels?

Why not, with the help of Actosol® biostimulant, relocate the green space covered by a building to its roof? Green roofs facilitate the absorption of carbon dioxide and reduce air pollution. Storm water runoff, flooding and water pollution can be reduced. The building and surrounding area’s aesthetics will be enhanced and its property value could be increased. Heating and cooling bills will be reduced. Rooftop garden space can even be used for food production.

Why not use local coal and American biotechnology to provide clean drinking water for a family in India or Africa for less than $24 a year?

Imagine being able to create an integrated green tech solution with coal-derived humic substances and biogas products for recycling sewage water, acid mine drainage and biosolids into organic fertilizer for safe food production and cultivation of biomass for carbon credits.

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