• "The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself."

    Franklin Roosevelt


Organic-based Agriculture


Humic Acid Fertilizer

• Increases yields of crops, vegetables and fruits
• Produces superior turf and deep roots
• Enhances uptake of fertilizers
• Replenishes depleted soils
• Promotes ecological balance

Derivatives of naturally occurring humus matter in soil, humic acids are the key
ingredient in all Actosol® products. Humic acids are active elements in organic soils and
are important for the conversion of fertilizer into available plant nutrients.

•By enhancing soil structure and fertility through the addition of vital organic matter in the soil;
•By efficient transfer of fertilizer nutrients and micronutrients because of the high chelation and cation exchange proportion of the active humic acid components of actosol®
•By increasing moisture holding capacity of soil;
•By increasing microbial activity in the soil; and
•By enhancing plant cell biomass.


•Agriculture                                     •Horticulture
•Floriculture                                     •Turf Management/Maintenance
•Mine/Landfill reclamation                 •Dune stabilization
•Road/Highway erosion control           •Hydroseeding

Actosol® is an organic biostimulant activator derived from a specialized coal referred to as leonardite. Leonardite is identical to natural humus which is the building block of natural organic matter in the soil. Actosol® improves stress tolerance, water retention, enhances chelating of plant nutrients and stimulates root mass and plant growth. It is formulated with natural humic and fulvic substances, the active components of soil humus. Today’s soils have become highly depleted in organic humus and even with high nutrient inputs, yields are suffering.

The use of actosol® on agronomic crops has shown improved plant growth with potentially higher yields. In addition to agronomic crops, actosol® improves the physical (soil), chemical (nutrient efficiency), and biological activity (microbial activity) of turf, ornamentals, flowers, and trees in the landscape and in container grown plants. Other applications include mine and landfill reclamation, dune stabilization, road/highway erosion control and hydro-seeding. It is non-phytotoxic, economically priced, and provides improved agronomic features that can improve plant growth.

Why not…use humic substances derived from coal to capture micronutrients from acid mine drainage to produce organic crops?


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