• “It not only makes “bio-logical” sense but also makes ecological sense to make coal green with solutions we found in nature.”

    Dr. Daman S. Walia

Humaxx, Inc. is a greentech company that provides coal-derived solutions in collaboration with nature. While coal is perceived to be the largest source of dirty fuel, our scientists have proven that coal is the abundant low-cost biomass for: (1) generating clean energy, (2) replenishing water, (3) increasing crop yields while re-nourishing the soil, (4) recycling military and industrial waste into fertilizer, and (5) reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Pollution Filter

    Environmentally friendly solution for clean-up of heavy metals, radionuclides and other toxins
  • Organic-based Agriculture

    • Increases yields of crops, vegetables    and fruits
    • Produces superior turf and deep roots
    • Enhances uptake of fertilizers
    • Replenishes depleted soils
    • Promotes ecological balance

  • Weapons Demilitarization

    Safe destruction and recycling of obsolete munitions and explosives
  • Clean Fuels

    Derived from coal using a pre-combustion process for CO2 sequestration and elimination of particulates, SO2 and NO2
  • Carbon Sequestration

    Economical process for the sequestration of CO2 that generates a neutral to negative carbon footprint

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